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28 Nov

Announcing: The Daniel-Johnson Performance Voyage

This weekend, the Trailer Blocks team will be hitting the open road and putting our product lineup to the test. Starting on Friday, November 30th, we’ll be setting off with a trailer fitted with our own signature aluminum trailer blocks on a 3,000 km round trip to the Daniel-Johnson Dam in Quebec. The Daniel Johnson dam is the second largest hydroelectric dam in all of Canada and the largest multiple arch-and-buttress dam in the world.

As we previously stated, the purpose of this trip is to carry out some extensive performance testing on our aluminum blocks. Along the way, we will be collecting as many photos and video clips of the process as we can. Along the way, we’ll also be documenting the trip’s major moments, optimizing our trailer’s performance and sharing our general impressions as we visit the modern engineering marvel in all its glory.

Once we come home, we’ll be uploading the journey’s content in the days to follow . It’s our hope that with our content, you’ll be able to experience the voyage for yourself and maybe even take away some inspiration for your upcoming trailer journey.

17 Oct

Update: October 17, 2013

As the Trailer Block site continues to grow, we'd like to keep you up to date on our current activities. In the coming weeks, we intend to add more critical features to help complete the Trailer Blocks experience. Our Media Gallery will be our first priority, allowing you to submit, share and enjoy pictures (and in the future, video content) with us and each other. We'll be uploading various bits of content ourselves occasionally to show you our line of products.

We'd also like to inform you that we'll be offering new dimensions of our aluminum lift/lowering blocks in the near future. This will allow for an increased variation in lift/lowering kit options to accommodate multiple trailer weights and configurations. More updates coming soon.

Finally, a upcoming feature of this blog will include statistics from our team about our trailer accessories and how they have performed on the road. We've put the 1-3/4" model to the test and we're excited to share our results in an upcoming performance report.

We look forward to releasing the new features and if you have any feedback or questions, please contact us at contact@trailerblocks.com.

07 Oct

Open Letter: A Declaration of Intent

Currently, the purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about our offered services and available products. However, our long-term goals are more ambitious. We here at Trailer Blocks have made it our priority to integrate ourselves with the trailer performance industry by ensuring that we are able to provide the performance enhancing accessories that may be required by the community.

If you have any suggestions about what kind of products or services we could offer or feedback about the blog, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact us regarding the blog or any feedback you may have at blog@trailerblocks.com.

More updates coming soon.

06 Oct

Trailer Blocks adds 2" variant of lift/lower blocks

Trailer Blocks is now offering the 2" variant of the aluminum lifting and lowering blocks. These lift/lowering blocks will allow you to raise or lower your trailer to match your vehicles ride height as you see fit. Pictures of the finished product will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible.

In the near future, Trailer Blocks will also be offering the option of customized blocks.

More updates coming soon.


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