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29 Jun

Readership Special 2018

The readership special is back!

Use the code 5QNA6SQ3KT2Y during checkout on your next Trailer Blocks order for 5% off your purchase, as our thanks for being a reader! This code is valid until Jan 1st 2019, so get your lift/lowering kits and level your trailer today!

*This discount is meant for one use per customer.*

Thanks and check back for more!

04 May

Community Spotlight: May 4th 2018

Welcome back to the Trailer Blocks Community Spotlight, where we showcase photos and stories submitted by the community of their installations of our lift/lowering blocks. Today’s entry focuses on Brian from Oregon who was looking for a lift solution to his trailer when driveway clearance became an issue backing in.

brians trailer

Brian opted for a full 3” lift kit with U-bolts and tie plates and after he installed it, he told us that it eliminated the headaches he was having with the truck/trailer height differential. As you’ll see in the great photos he provided below, Brian’s installation went off without a hitch.

Before installing Trailer Blocks, and during the installation

If you’d like to share your trailer pictures and stories, please submit them to us at: contact@trailerblocks.com. Remember we'll send you a discount code for a future order if you do! Thanks again to Brian and family for the quality photos!

Thank you for participating in The Trailer Blocks Blog.

04 May

2" Tall Anodized Trailer Block Option - Out of Stock

Welcome back to the blog.

We’d like to inform our readers and customers that at this time, the 2"anodized option (1.75” wide) is out of stock until future notice. We’re working hard to replenish all of our anodized stock and we’ll provide an update when the 2” option is available again.

We’re thrilled with the response our anodized blocks have been receiving and we look forward to continuing our efforts to provide you with high quality lift/lowering solutions for your trailers. Apologies for any inconvenience and we’ll update you soon.

Thank you,

Team Trailer Blocks

17 Dec

Space Matters: The James Webb Space Telescope

Welcome back to the blog!

For this entry of Space Matters, we're taking a look at an incredible project years in the making, the James Webb Space Telescope. Scheduled for launch in late 2018, Webb will reveal a universe we have never seen before and is poised to answer questions that have intrigued us for thousands of years: How did the universe begin? Where did we come from? Are we alone?

In development since 1996, the project represents an international collaboration of the European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency and teamwork from members of other countries although led by NASA in the U.S.A. The telescope is named after James E. Webb, the second administrator of NASA, who played an integral role in the Apollo program. The James Webb Space Telescope was originally called the "Next Generation Space Telescope," or NGST. It was called "Next Generation" because Webb will build on and continue the science exploration started by the on-orbit work of the Hubble Space Telescope. Discoveries by Hubble and other telescopes have caused a revolution in astronomy and have raised new questions that require a new, improved, and more powerful orbital space telescope.

JWST will offer unprecedented resolution and sensitivity into the infrared wavelengths of light. While the Hubble Space Telescope has a 2.4-meter (7.9 ft) diameter mirror, the JWST features a larger segmented gold 6.5-meter-diameter (21 ft 4 in) primary mirror and will be located near the Earth–Sun L2 point. To see deeply into the infrared a large multi-layer sunshield will keep its mirror and four science instruments below 50 K (-220 °C; -370 °F). JWST's capabilities will enable a broad range of investigations across the fields of astronomy. One particular goal involves observing some of the most distant events and objects in the universe, such as the formation of the first galaxies. In the deep dark of outer space these types of targets are beyond the reach of current ground and space-based instruments. Ground telescopes and unshielded orbital telescopes glow themselves, from the internal heat within the instruments. Another goal is furthering our understanding of the formation of stars and planets. This will include direct imaging of supernovas, extra-solar objects, such as exoplanets - the worlds around other stars, that could be brought to life with vivid detail through the imagery provided by The James Webb Space Telescope.

NASA has described JWST as the scientific successor of the Hubble Space Telescope, but not a replacement, because the capabilities are not identical and the Hubble will not be taken offline. JWST has an objective lens large enough to see high-redshift objects, typically both older and farther away than previous instruments could assess. This radical design for JWST will put it beyond the capabilities of all other telescopes currently in operation.

We'll be keeping an eye on the development and launching of this monumental project and you should too, as we seek to expand our knowledge of the cosmos collectively as a species. We'll have more to come, thanks for reading!

23 Nov

Black Friday & Cyber Monday


Welcome back to the blog!

The end of the temperate season is upon us and winter is nearly here. It’s the last chance of the season to get your trailers ride height dialed in and to help you with that; we’re announcing our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales event!

From November 24th to 27th, use the code TBBFCM2017 during the checkout process to receive 50% off of our winter ready anodized inventory. We offer free shipping on all orders! If you’re in a hurry, we do offer a paid express option as well (this can be selected during checkout).

*If you need to return your order for any reason, just contact us via email for return instructions and once we receive the undamaged items, we’ll process your refund.*

 Trailer Blocks Inventory Link: https://www.trailerblocks.com/collections/blocks

Pick anodized option and block height listed below for 50% discount when using code.

Anodized Blocks for 1000lb-2000lb axle Height: 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3"
Anodized Blocks for 3000lb-7000lb axle - 1-3/4" wide spring Height: 1", 1-1/2"
Anodized Blocks for 3000lb-7000lb axle - 2" wide spring Height: 1", 1-1/2"

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