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About Trailer Blocks

Trailer Blocks is a Canadian manufacturer that specializes in trailer lift / lowering and stability solutions.


We offer hand-made, built-to-last, patented lifting / lowering blocks and assembly kits. We also work closely with our customers to develop and deliver custom parts & variations to their specifications. We aim to provide a carefully crafted, heavy-duty product to our web customers every sale. We always use efficient & clean manufacturing processes; and we have respect for our natural environment & wildlife.


Our team wholeheartedly believes that any business, large or small, cannot thrive if it doesn't improve itself with community feedback. When we associate with a business or make a personal purchase ourselves, we expect that these prospective businesses will be prompt in action and open to honest, constructive criticism. It is our intention to hold ourselves to that same standard. At Trailer Blocks we always communicate promptly. E-mail messages are checked twice weekly and when you e-mail us; a human will provide a personal response to your inquiry. 


Trailer Blocks is exclusively an E-commerce business.

Please forward any business communications to our main point of contact, e-mail: contact@trailerblocks.com and for less urgent communications our contact form and voicemail 289-635-6725 are available.

You can also connect with us on all major social media platforms, Visit our Twitter, Youtube, Google+Facebook or Steemit pages. Learn even more about Trailer Blocks by reading and commenting in our highly-detailed and technical Trailer Blocks Blog.





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