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About Trailer Blocks

We are a Canadian manufacturer specializing in trailer performance lift / lowering solutions. We support North American industry.


We offer hand-made, built-to-last, patented lifting / lowering blocks and assembly kits for trailer leaf spring suspension systems. We also work closely with our customers to develop and deliver custom variations to their specifications. We aim to provide a carefully crafted, heavy-duty product every sale. We always use efficient & clean manufacturing processes and we have respect for our environment and wildlife. 



All products on our website are in-stock and available to ship unless a sold-out message is shown on the product page. The fastest way to obtain Trailer Blocks products is to go ahead and place your order with the express shipping option selected. New orders placed are fulfilled at the start of each week. Please be patient while we process customer orders if you are inquiring with general questions. Learn more about Trailer Blocks by reading and commenting in our highly-detailed Trailer Blocks Blog



Our team wholeheartedly believes that any business, large or small, cannot thrive if it doesn't improve itself with community feedback. E-mail messages are processed weekly and when you e-mail us; a real human will provide a personal response to your inquiry. Thank you


Please forward all business communications to our main point of contact, e-mail: contact@trailerblocks.com

If you've already sent us an e-mail please be patient while we respond. Sending multiple messages can delay our response to you. 

There is also a contact form hosted on this page.

Voicemail is available if you wish to leave a message for us: 1-289-635-6725

Note: Trailer Blocks is exclusively an E-commerce operation. 






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