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24 Nov


Posted by Blog Master in BFCM-2023

Thank you for your interest in Trailer Blocks products!

Please enjoy 10% off your entire order this Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

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15 Apr

Announcing 3-1/2" height Trailer Blocks

Posted by Blog Master

Today we're pleased to address one of the long standing requests our customers have voiced. The desire for greater height lift/lowering Trailer Blocks.

We are announcing: 3-1/2" Trailer Blocks. The new height option is available now.

3 and a half inch block size now available

For customers needing a larger adjustment this option may be suitable.

As with all Trailer Blocks lift/lowering blocks the 3-1/2" height variants are made from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum. In addition there are also kits available with U-bolts and tie plates.

The 3.5" height option is available on blocks for 3000lb - 7000lb axles.

Please let us know what you think, do you have any questions or comments? Post below and once your comment is approved we'll continue the discussion.

08 Feb

Announcing 1200-1800lb axle solutions

Posted by Blog Master

We're pleased to announce a new product for the trailer performance aftermarket is being released today.
Lift/lowering blocks will now be available for 1-1/2" diameter square axles with a 1200-1800lb weight rating commonly found on small craft, jet ski, and light utility trailers.
Kits can be found in the 1200lb-1800lb square axle collection.
Jon boat trailer lifted with trailer blocks
This new product lineup is for light duty trailers needing a change in ride height. Common applications include lifting the trailer to accommodate larger wheels and tires.Jon boat trailer lifted with trailer blocks
We also understand that some customers with off-road requirements cannot adjust their hitch to tow small trailers in a level configuration. These lift/lowering Trailer Blocks can be used to address this.
Jon boat trailer lifted with trailer blocks
As seen with this jon boat trailer, ATV/UTV off-road tires have been retrofitted with the new Trailer Blocks in a lift configuration providing greater tire to fender clearance and back-county performance.
Jon boat trailer lifted with trailer blocks
Let us know what you think of this new addition to the lift/lowering product line-up. As always we're looking for feedback from our customers as to what new products they would like to see.
-Thanks for reading from Team Trailer Blocks,

19 Jan

Announcing: Heavy-Duty Steel Tie Plates

Posted by Blog Master

We're pleased to announce a new product: Heavy-Duty Steel Tie Plates!
Our ultra heavy-duty A36 structural steel tie plates have been designed to resist bending through the use of thicker steel and increased lateral reinforcement. Milled washer races ensure completely straight U-bolt mounting holes.
The plates are fast to install and easy to torque down. They are designed to work with a click-style torque wrench, eliminating the need for the specialized dial type torque wrenches.
We have employed a surface technology coating for increased corrosion resistance in winter and wet marine applications.
Heavy duty tie-plates can be found in the 4000lb-7000lb round axle collection with more weight categories coming soon.
A Hardware Kit is now available featuring 2 tie plates and 4 U-bolts for one axle. This kit can be optioned with U-bolts ranging from stock ride height up to a 3" Trailer Block in 1" increments.
Please contact us at contact@trailerblocks.com with questions we're happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

09 Mar

Shipping update - Courier services

Posted by Blog Master

New courier service aims to reduce delivery delays

To those customers who may have experienced delays with the Canada Post courier services we sincerely apologize. 

We're pleased to announce that effective immediately we've added UPS as one of our trusted shipping couriers.

When you make a Trailer Blocks product purchase with free or express shipping your package may be shipped using Canada Post or starting in March-2021, UPS.

Service for free shipping is UPS Standard / Canada Post Expedited Parcel.

Service for paid express shipping is UPS Expedited / Canada Post Xpresspost.

The rate for paid express shipping remains unchanged for 2021. (The rate varies depending on location).

If you would like more information we welcome you to leave a comment!

-Thanks for checking in and reading the blog.

We Ship via UPS

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