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29 Dec

Trailer Blocks: Year in Review 2014

It’s the end of 2014!

We’re just a few days away from New Year’s Eve and we’re reflecting on all that Trailer Blocks has done these last 12 months. It’s been a very busy second year for us, as we introduced a range of new products and new initiatives. So before it’s time to commence the countdown, we’d like to reflect on the past year with you and re-examine some highlights from Trailer Blocks this past year.

The operation of an online business is equal parts challenge and reward. Innovative and traditional methods of running a company can often clash, then meld together in new and unexpected ways. Keeping both methods in mind, we took major steps towards our goal of offering a wide range of trailer performance accessories. We tested and added pressed steel tie plates as a kit option back in June. This new kit option was part of our continuing effort to make Trailer Blocks a leader in trailer performance endeavors. The steel plate kits received positive feedback and we couldn’t have been happier with the results of our first new kit addition. We have more kit options in development in 2015 and we'll have news for you soon. We’re looking forward to the continuing development of our inventory lineup and as always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

As the year began, we wanted to make it more of a priority to engage our readers via the blog and social media, as we wanted to share our knowledge and stories with you and vice versa. First, we launched our photo gallery in April to show you a range of scenic high-quality pictures from our performance voyages. A few days later, we announced our new blog format: multiple series of entries, each with a dedicated focus. Blogs in Motion allowed us to answer your questions and address some off-topic talk, the After-Action Report brought you the technical details and subjective analysis from our performance voyages and Updates kept readers informed on all our major announcements. A few months later in October, we began a Community Spotlight feature, focusing on user-submitted installation stories and photos through social media. Finally, we’ll be introducing a new series called TrailerTech to bring you trailer maintenance/performance tips and methods. We’ve got a lot of content in the works, including the first entry of the alternative energy series, so keep reading in the New Year. There’s more to come.

Our most ambitious project came in August when our team took to the road once again for our second open-road expedition. This year, we set our sights on the Robert Bourassa Dam in north Quebec, nearly 1,500 kilometers from our starting point. We chose our vehicle/trailer combo, accessorized it with our equipment and set-off, eager for the journey ahead. The expedition was a rousing success; a large amount of pictures and videos were recorded to share and we learned a great deal about our accessories’ strength on a rigorous voyage. Our tour of Hydro-Quebec’s facilities provided us with some interesting facts regarding hydroelectric power and other methods of alternative energy production. Ultimately, the Heavy Performance Expedition proved to be the most rewarding challenge our team has yet faced and we took satisfaction in knowing that our equipment can withstand harsh, vigorous journeys and that every step was documented so that you could share in our experience.

From all of us here at Trailer Blocks, have a safe and Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2015!

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