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19 Jan

Announcing: Heavy-Duty Steel Tie Plates

Posted by Blog Master
We're pleased to announce a new product: Heavy-Duty Steel Tie Plates!
Our ultra heavy-duty A36 structural steel tie plates have been designed to resist bending through the use of thicker steel and increased lateral reinforcement. Milled washer races ensure completely straight U-bolt mounting holes.
The plates are fast to install and easy to torque down. They are designed to work with a click-style torque wrench, eliminating the need for the specialized dial type torque wrenches.
We have employed a surface technology coating for increased corrosion resistance in winter and wet marine applications.
Heavy duty tie-plates can be found in the 4000lb-7000lb round axle collection with more weight categories coming soon.
A Hardware Kit is now available featuring 2 tie plates and 4 U-bolts for one axle. This kit can be optioned with U-bolts ranging from stock ride height up to a 3" Trailer Block in 1" increments.
Please contact us at contact@trailerblocks.com with questions we're happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

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