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22 Jul

Customer Spotlight: July 2022

Welcome everyone! Today we're looking at Adam's rig from Ontario.

His 1994 Canadian made tandem axle dump trailer had been a reliable workhorse for many years. After inspection Adam determined repair and refurbishment was long overdue.

Primary goals for the project were to fix a broken spring perch on the frame and to fix loose U-bolts. Secondary goals were to correct metal rust and to increase the ride height with use of anodized Trailer Blocks 1.5" lift kit.

 After unbolting the rims, shackles and equalizer; the leaf spring axle assembly was free. Disconnecting trailer brake wires allowed for the assembly to be extracted out from under the trailer and set aside for refurbishment. This also provided him with easy access under the trailer to weld repair the frame spring perch and fenders.

Dump bed slightly raised for access the rusty parts on the trailer and axles were treated with rust inhibitor and then painted with a fresh coat of black paint. Electrical wiring on the trailer along with lighting was also upgraded.

New leaf springs were installed along with replacement shackles, equalizers and bolts. During reassembly the anodized 1.5" Trailer Blocks kit with extra long grade 8 U-bolts and super heavy duty tie-plates was installed.  

Finishing steps included a light coat of paint on all assembled suspension components to help protect against rusting during the Canadian winter. Rims and tires were cleaned and checked prior to reinstallation and setting of desired air pressure. Axle bearings were repacked with fresh grease and the oil on the power dump hydraulic ram was changed.

Now we see Adam's dump trailer in much better condition riding slightly higher and towing perfectly level! The installation of the Trailer Blocks kit allowed for better dump action and tire to fender clearance.

Great job Adam  -  We'd like to thank you for purchasing our special kit and for sending in the great photos!

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