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10 Oct

Community Spotlight: August 10, 2014

Welcome to the Trailer Blocks Community Spotlight, where we share some submitted photos and stories from our community's installations of our lift/lowering blocks.

Today, our spotlight focuses on Barry from the US. Barry got in touch with us a few months back, looking to level his personal trailer by 2 inches. His trailer was low in the back while it was attached to his truck. Over time, we worked with Barry to develop a custom kit that provided him with the components needed. Graciously, Barry took the time during the installation to document every step of his process and he forwarded us a series of fantastic, high-quality photos. It truly was a textbook installation.

We've included a collection of Barry's photos so that you might take a closer look at his efforts. If you'd like us to showcase your pictures of your trailer endeavours, feel free to send them to: contact@trailerblocks.com. We'll have more for you soon

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